September 05, 2013

Halloween: Top 10 DIY Kids' Costumes

Yes, it's time to start thinking about Halloween, and the more time you give yourself to figure out costumes, the more awesome those costumes can be. DIY (do-it-yourself) is a big trend in kids' costumes this year, so we did a little research and found our top 10 favorites. Get inspired by our list below!

Top 10 DIY Kid's Costumes

10. Classic Robot costume from Oh Happy Day

 9. Pig in a Blanket from Real Simple

 8. Hot Air Balloon from Rook No. 17

 7. Optimus Prime Transformer Truck from Spoonful

 6. Alice in Wonderland Stuck in the White Rabbit’s House from Misha Lulu Blog

 5. Carnival Strong Man from Sarah Illenberger

 4. "Grandpa" from the Pixar film “UP” from Auburn Soul Photography

 3. Spring Chicken Costume from Martha Stewart

 2. Where the Wild Things Are from A Little Sussy

 1. LEGO Costume from Wine & Glue

Don't let all your hard work go unseen! Gather a group on Halloween night and host a mini costume contest before going door-to-door. There's safety in numbers, and our "Trick-or-Treaters" Evite invitation will help you pull people together quickly and easily.Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 3.11.42 PM

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Love this! My three-year-old would love the Lego costume...and the robot is awesome! It creates such a special memory for your child when you make their costumes yourself (and you save money in the process). Win-win!

So cute. I see your blog related to halloween top 10 kids costumes. I really like it so much. It is the perfect costumes for halloween.

I love the little boy with the balloons it reminds me of a movie when i was little which was called the red balloon. If I remember right is was a foreign film with no sound only a boy and a red balloon. Anyway this is a really cool costume that any trick or treat mom would laugh at when they opened the front door. Thanks and Happy Halloween

^^YESSS! The Red Balloon! I had forgotten about that one! It IS such a great classic. So touching & one of my favs as well :-)