February 11, 2009

valentine's day gifts with a twist

I'm dough nuts over you

Many moons ago, a boyfriend informed me he didn't want to give me the usual chocolate and flowers on Valentine's Day. Fear came over me as he presented me with a large box. What would be inside, a live turtle? A human hand?

To my surprise, the box contained three slices of different cakes from a local bakery. Smiling, he then handed me a flowering plant. Chocolate and flowers ... with a twist. I was touched.

Just so we're clear, I am always thrilled to receive flowers and chocolate. Any time. Really. But sometimes it's nice to know that someone spent a little extra thought putting together something a little extra special.

And what better way to add a twist to your Valentine's Day gift-giving than with twisty pretzels! Here are three different ways to show your love.
  • Sweet! Buy chocolate-covered pretzels. You can pick some up in a supermarket or gourmet food shop or order them online. I'm a big fan of Fretzels, gourmet pretzels covered in white, milk or dark chocolate and various candies. The Fretzel of the month is dark chocolate with dried strawberries, drizzled with strawberry- and champagne-flavored white chocolate.
  • Savory! Make heart-shaped soft pretzels, a great gift for a sweetie who prefers salty snacks, and a fun Valentine's activity you can do with the kids. This heart-shaped soft pretzel recipe from maya*made gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make and shape 'em (link via Craftzine).
  • Sporty! Turn your sweetie into a pretzel — take a yoga class together. Coming up with an unexpected way to spend quality time together (in this case, getting exercise while getting centered) is a welcome change from the usual dessertfest and a good gift idea for the significant non-foodies in your life.

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How sweet you have a boyfriend like him. he is so romantic. but by the way thanks for sharing your post even the three different ways how to show our love by sending some gift-giving. hope to read more.