May 01, 2008

a candy buffet? sweet!

Twizzlers yes, Red Vines nooo

Okay, Bow Wow Wow may claim that "candy on the beach, there's nothing better," but I think I have it beat. Picture, if you will, a candy and snack food buffet at a magic castle. Buffet? Magic? Castle? I know!

I'll back up. A magician friend recently invited me to a party at the Magic Castle, a private club for magicians and magic enthusiasts (that's me!) in Hollywood. Already that's a banner night. I knew I would see some mind-blowing magic, but I was not prepared for the Willy Wonka-style buffet bonanza that greeted us as we walked in.

An L-shaped table overflowed with bowls and platters of nostalgia-laced treats. Cracker Jack. Ring Pops. PB&J with the crusts cut off. Chex Mix. Twinkies. Pop Rocks. Pigs in blankets. Otter Pops. Yoo-hoo on ice.

Grown men rattled as they walked because their suit pockets were stuffed with Cracker Jack boxes. Fancy ladies in slinky dresses sipped Yoo-hoo through a straw rather than champagne. And everybody, everybody, marveled over the spread — even though these are affordable items that can be purchased in most supermarkets.

And therein lies the magic. This memorable spread didn't cost a fortune or take much prep work. It was simply a fun, unexpected idea that instantly set the party tone.

A candy buffet would make a great addition for all sorts of events, from casual (movie nights, cocktail parties, backyard BBQs) to more formal — upscale versions are even growing in popularity at weddings.

If you're planning a party for someone's milestone birthday, buy retro candy popular in their childhood for a sentimental touch. Candy stores and websites like Nostalgic Candy can help you get hard-to-find treats. And if you happen to be throwing one of those parties for me, I like Blow Pops, Fun Dip, Hostess chocolate cupcakes and anything sour. Please make a note of it.

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This sounds fantastic! There's a restaurant in LA that serves a similar candy buffet option for dessert (Simon LA in the Sofitel). My friends and I can't resist ordering it every time we're there. They even serve you a silver platter with an enormous pile of cotton candy. It's genius! Now I totally want to do something similar for my next party.

Ooh, candy buffet at the Magic Castle--how cool! For a recent baby shower I threw, I served up a big bowl of Baby Bottle Pops (now, bizarrely, endorsed by the Jonas Brothers--hokay), Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas (which I didn't even know they made until I found them randomly at the 99 cent store). The adults weren't so into the Baby Bottle Pops (they didn't have 'em when we were kids, and they're really insanely sweet), but the kids at the shower LOVED 'em--and the Sugar Daddies and Mamas were embraced by all. Mmm, candy...

I was born in 1961 so not only do I remember Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama but also Sugar Babies! Sugar Daddy was plain caramel, Sugar Mama, my favourite was the same caramel but covered with chocolate (!) and Sugar Babies were like caramel jelly-beans. Ah the '60s/'70s, era of real sugar! Just had Sugar Daddy/Babies at Easter but didn't realized they still made Sugar Mama (that's good news!) Salespersons here, born in the '80s I'd guess, have no idea what I'm talking about. By the way, wouldn't Sugar Babies go over well at a baby shower?

OMG i went to a cany buffet at a really fancy hotel in boston, ma i was sooo fun. they had chocolate cotton candy and chocolate french dough! mmmmmmmmm

This idea is so passe! I can't believe it is being hyped as something new and creative. Blah.

Google 'Candy Buffet' and you will see what I mean...

Gina--yeah, I remember Sugar Babies--would have gotten them for the shower too, but didn't find them anywhere. I didn't remember Sugar Mamas (don't think I ever had those as a kid)...but yep, they do still make 'em!

I'd never heard of this, so I appreciate the tip. Seems like a good conversation starter, too...

Eva, you can bring any of your favorites to my house if ya want. I like all the things you listed and had totally forgot about all the great candies!

I definitely think Candy Buffets are alive and well on the planet. We are located in Illinois and At we are booked months in advance for every one of life's celebrations. Weddings, Sweet 16 parties, Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, Christenings, High School Dances,Corporate events......the adults are more anxious to attack the Candy Buffet table than the children.

A GREAT place to find retro candies is they have it ALL. I remember being a bad seed as a child and loving candy cigarettes getting them from the ice cream truck guy, and not being able to get the ice cream truck tune out of my head for hours. Oh, those were the days! I will find them today every so often and can NOT pass them up. Candy Buffets are great to have a any type of event. NO DOUBT.
Randi - Candy Scoop Store dot com