February 08, 2008

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a cake pop?

once you pop, you can't stop

So I love cupcakes. Of course. But sometimes I'm not feeling the cup part. There's all that unwrapping to do, and it's always so sad that crumbs and frosting stick to the wrapper so that when nobody's watching, you have to stick your whole face in it to lick them off. You all do that too, right? Right?

Enter these cake pops, perhaps the next big thing in mini desserts. Tiny frosted cake nibbles on a stick. So brilliant. So CUTE. So very, very perfect for Valentine's Day, a birthday or a baby shower.

I found these pop stars on Bakerella, land of gorgeous and often mini dessert extravaganzas.

Posted by Eva on February 8, 2008 in Want It

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OMG! I love these and need to have them. I just wonder how many of these I would need to eat at once to satisfy my cake craving.

This is the cutest idea ever.. I'm having a birthday party tomorrow and I wish I knew about this before. Great Idea!

Eva - Thanks so much. I love your post. And you're right, I do like things mini.

Have you ever seen a pig attack a trough after a farmer has just put some mush in it? That's me in a cupcake wrapper. Guilty as charged. And if that's wrong, well, ... I don't want to be right!!

I've made lots of cake balls, but love this idea of putting them on a stick. Perfect for big and little kids alike. I'm a member of the cakecentral website, and I will mention your idea and blogspot to all the other bakers out there.

You rock, bakerella!

WOW, what a great idea. I went on the site and it actually looks like a non cook such as myself can make these with ease. It is the perfect item for my daughter's first birthday.

Whaaa? This is awesome! Someone please share a recipe or a link or something! My head's going to explode...

Oops, nevermind. Followed the link above. See, what had happened was, my head was going to explode...

Please tell me how to get in touch with Bakerella? Her ideas are soooo cute, but can't figure out how to look at her other stuff

Hi Leeann,

You can find Bakerella here: http://bakerella.blogspot.com/

Or you can click the cake pop image or the green text in the post above.

OMG have you ever tried cupcakes inan ice cream cone? you have to bake them in the cone which can be kinda difficult but they are sooooooooooo good!!!